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  Mr Cafeometer

Little India AKA Stoney Cafe
AKA lovers' leap Cafe,
Stoney Middleton



20/4/2009 - In Memorium
Now the founder member of the "ghost cafes" all we can do is remember the way we were. Recently closed down as a cafe and now an indian restaurant. Oh how the mighty have fallen. Once the very hub of Peak district climbing, caving and cycling now you must hasten to Grindleford. Perhaps we will not see the like again.

  Mr Cafeometer

Pete's Eats,

An icon and the only reason to visit llanberis. Excellent food, quality view, showers and steeped in history, but often very busy and just a tad full of itself.

  bridge cafe

Mr &Mrs Cafeometer,

The Bridge Cafe,
Nr Whitby


It never happens that a seaside cafe goes right into the quality. However this one you couldn't fault. Sports a lovely garden metres from a nice beach and food to die for. Great Chips, better kippers and children welcome. Docked a point because despite being close to the beach it avoids having a sea view and it is very popular.


  Mr cafeometer,
Mrs Cafeometer
9 It has certainly been a while since the top of the cafeometer has changed but March 2007 sees a new challenger. Marigold in Knaresborough enjoys an envible riverside location in the bottom of the gorge. The prices are fair, the chips are crisp and the staff manage to be helpful and remote at the same time. You can feed the swans and children are welcome. All this within a mile and a half of Cafeometer HQ. Sometimes you really can search the world and find happiness in your own backyard.

  lama karma Team Cafeometer The Llama Karma Kafe where the A66 meets the M6 8.5

Fantastic this one and cool name. Also sports a Delicatessen, the rather wonderfully titled Deli Llama. One wall is glass and you of course watch the Llamas. Very child friendly. Food is good, excellent cumberland sausage buttie, which trumps the lack of chips. Cool decor, nice owners and a godsend if you traverse the A66 as often as we do. Only docked marks because lack of chips really.

associate member
(West Mids)
Café one
opposite Tescos, Fiveways, Birmingham
Café One is the café that breaks the 'Chip rule' but remains a café!
A free trade café, mainly vegetarian,(one chicken dish available every day), the only meal on the menu is the daily buffet. Jamaican BBQ/Jerk on Mondays/Tuesdays, Chinese on Wednesdays and Indian on Thursdays and Fridays - and its eat as much as you want (or can).
There are only two, square, tables, each sitting up to 16 people. Pick up your buffet, pick up a hippie and chill out.


John, Jenny,Carwyn
associate members
(West Yorks)

Whitshiel Cafe, Langholm, Scotland 8.5
Conveniently situated on the A7 near Langholm this cafe, affectionately known as the sh!twheel, provides a useful stop on the way to the Scottish Borders. Full Scottish breakfast is superb (tea and toast included) and service is fast, although not always with a smile. According to the menu 'chips may be substituted for a baked potato, but allow extra time' - you have been warned. Marks lost for the external loo and dour Scots demeanor.