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Andrew Glaister


Wild Ginger,
Scarthin Books
Stoney Cafe
Pete's Eats
Grindleford Cafe
Woodbine Cafe
Eric's, Tremadog
Siskins' Cafe,
Peak view Cafe
St Just, Airport
The Red Barn,
Edale Cafe
The Coffee Shop,
Nice Things
Wilfs,The Lakes
Glenmore Lodge
Ockham Common

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Why we are here:

Over the years cafes have been debated and discussed ad-nauseum. The cafeometer is an attempt to develop a definitive list.
The following cafes are graded out of ten.
A ten would be a perfect cafe. A one a place who's threshold one should cross only in a genuine emergency.
We have divided the cafe into sections by quality;

The reviews

the top - the cream
worth a visit
- top chipping should be pleasant
the dregs
- urghhh!!
- out of area and no seaters

The list is of course subjective and I welcome thoughts on our ratings via email (cafes can go up as well as down).
If you disagree with the ratings as many of you do. Please supply your own reviews and I will host those too. Where possible the images are links to the cafes own websites.
In addition we bring you featured cafes and reviews by assorted Cafeometer Associates.You can vote for your favourite using the form bottom left, lets strive for consensus.

Enjoy the site

Mr and Mrs Cafeometer

Assessment Notes

cafes were assessed using the following criteria:
Cafes sell chips, tea rooms don't.
A full breakfast must be offered. Or at least a bacon or chip butty.
No table cloths are in evidence.


Once in 2006 the cafeometer was a googlewhack alas fame has removed this moment of history