Welcome to the OCR nationals Level 3 Microsite for project management

In this Unit of work you will learn about project managment. You will then manage a live internet based project.

Running a project.

This can be a simple as planning a birthday party or as complex as putting a man on the moon.

Good well managed projects almost always go un-noticed. The birtday party has a cake, so the girl who's party it is doesn't cry.

Or the men do walk on the moon and get back to earth safely. Without blowing up in a hideous shower of flames and sparks watched by billions of people worldwide. Who then remember the event for the rest of their lives, but in a bad way.

When things go wrong and Josephine is in tears or the spacecraft does explode everyone notices and wants to know why. Don't let this be your project.

Your must do the following to achieve a distinction;

Mark Criteria What should be in a finished folder