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Welcome to the Harrogate Grammar School's West Africa website. As part of your ICT and music work in year 7 you are going to be learning about this area.

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About West Africa
West Africa has many different landscapes and people. It has areas that are dessert and also areas that are tropical rainforest

The People
The mainly Muslim population of the Saharan countries have a variety of local languages and cultures. The rich natural resources of this area were exploited by Europeans.

In the last ceturies most of the slaves came from this region. As a result this area has had a lower population than you would expect.

Former leading colonial powers, Britain and France, have influenced the languages and governments of the countries they once governed.

Virgin rain forest, which once covered much of the West African coast, has been reduced by logging and agriculture. The southern regions' tropical rain forest grows some of the world's most prized hardwood trees, such as mahogany and iroko. The Niger River flows 2,600 miles (4,181 km) and supports rich fishing