Use two search engines and the search engine on the Autotrader website to find information on two suitable cars for a seventeen year old driver with £2000 - £4000 to spend.

For your final report you will need the following information;

1. Pick what you consider to be the most suitable vehicle and a second choice .
2. State engine size and whether diesel or petrol for both cars.
3. Find C02 emissions figures for your cars in g of CO2/Km.
4. Find what year the cars are likely to have been made in for your budget.
5. Do this little task as well;

• Use the More search options on the Autotrader website and one other search To look for suitable examples of the cars you selected in the earlier parts of the task.

They must be;

For this assignment (10marks available) write the following report.
• Explain what a search engine is and does. Cover meta search engines and explain briefly how they work.
• Pick and use at least two different search engines do the same keyword searches on both (mark band 1).
• Define the keyword(s) you will use to search (mark band 1).
• Show the searches you did and the information you found (mark band 1).
• Compare the results from your search engines for the same searches and say which is best (mark band 2).
• You need to use two advanced search engines to get (mark band 2).
• Youwill also need to use 3 search engines and logical operators to get (mark band 3).
• You will also need to talk about the quality information you found and how you improved your searching. (mark band 3).

Sample report