Music Project
West Africa
Famous Musicians
African Instruments
West African cities
Project brief

What you have to do

You need to make a four page presentation in powerpoint it needs the following pages;

Title page
Needs a picture or a map of west africa and the Title West african Music.

Famous Performer Page
Needs a description of the performer and where they are from.
Needs a picture of the performer.
Needs an audio sample of the performer that can be clicked to hear them performing.

Captial city
Needs a description and a picture of the captial city where your chosen performer is from.

African drums page
Needs pictures descriptions and clickable audio samples for two different West African drums.

What the whole presentation must do;

All slides must have the same background.
You must not use more than two fonts.
There must be transistions between each slide
You must use at least one piece of animation.