You now need to evaluate your web site
Use these headings write one long word document called Task6 - evaluating my web site and performance

Fitness for purpose

Start by comparing your web site to the design document. Go through this point by point and feature by feature and say if what you have made is what you specified in your designs if it different say why it is different.


Next go onto Juicy Studio and for a page or two of your site calculate the readability statistics screen shot the results
You are looking for the following if you want to be able to say your site is easy to read
a Gunning-Fog Index of less than fifteen
a Flesh Reading Ease value of over 60
a Flesch-Kincaid Grade score of 11 or less


Ask at least three people what they think about your web site. You should ask them all at least three questions and ideally five whilst they are using your site. You then need to say what you think about what your test users said. If they all tell you the same things are good or bad they are probably right if you get different feedback from different people it can mean your site is OK but no fantastic. Include either screen shots of the parts of your site people talk about or their comments in quotes or a table or both.

How accessible is your site give examples (with screen shots)of the features of your site you have implemented to increase its accessibility how how effective these features have been.

Also put one or two of your pages into Wave its an online accesibility checker

Your performance and the future
Write about how good a job did you do of Designing making, testing and uploading your site. It is just as important hewre to talk about what went well as what went badly be honest and non of us are perfect. You get marks here for identify your weaknesses and saying what you could do to improve your performance in the future. Finally suggest 2 or three things that could be done to your site to improve it in the future.

Try and give specific examples in your evaluation and if you can use screen shots to illustrate what you write. Be honest I can tell when you are not telling me the truth. It is OK to make a poor site and then say its poor in your evaluation as long as you explain what led to it being poor.