Asignment Four is in two parts;

(i) Setting up a PC with communication applications and writing a user manual.

(ii) Creating and hosting content.


Part (i) Installing and Configuring Software

On to a pc you will install a browser (firefox).

You must install the browser and make two configuration changes to it. Try changing the home page and default font.

You will install an email client (thunderbird) and server.

You install a msn equivalent

What you have to submit

I need a two things for this part of the assignment.

Thing One
A report saying what these pieces of software do and what information you need to get a computer on to the internet, sending emails and using an MSN equivalent.

you need to explain these terms and what you need to do with them.

browser, email client, email server, DNS server, SMTP server, POP3 server, Firewall (port 80 and 25 open PIM ports open) Username and password.

these notes could form the basis of your work.

Thing two
A user manual to enable someone else to install the software you have installed and set it up. These tips should help

Part (ii) Hosting Content

Include screen shots of the following;

The finished page in internet explorer.

The finished page on the internet make sure you can see the URL (address).

Show connecting to the server, so logging into the ftp site.

Show the files on the ftp server.


A print out of the HTML and Highlight the javascript that updates the date.

A description (commentary) of the process.

Talk about any problems you had and how you solved them (make one up if you have to).

Talk about what you learned and what you would do differently.

Things that could be different;


how to add the date to my webpage using javascript

how to upload a page to the piws server