Asignment Three - Specifying a webserver and an ISP

In this asignment you need to specify a suitable PC that could be run as a webserver. For a website that is to be used by Harrogate Railway football club. You will also pick an ISP to host the site and specify a way of you connecting to the remote site to maintain it.

Harrogate Railway wish to host team photos, reviews of games and may want some "youtube" style video clips on the site, they also want a forum for users to discuss games.In all at the moment they have 20MB of content and might overtime have up to 200MB

Part One - You need to describe the Hardware and Software components in a webserver PC.


Make sure you mention;
Network Card
Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard

Make sure you talk about cost and justify the particular components you use.Provide a total cost for your chosen webserver and a detailed specification.My notes here should help you work out what spec you need for your machine.

Operating System
You need to pick one and say why

this article and this article explains some choices
these are my notes on webserver software.

Other software applications
You also need to specify the following;
A browser
An email client
An instant messenger client
An image editor



Part Two - You need to need to select an ISP and an IAP to Host your website.

(even though you have specified a PC above most ISP's will provide space on their own servers as part of the package).

You need to look at a few different ones.
Try 1 and 1 and tiscalli

We are actually going to be using Mr Astburys own webserver to host our Page and I will provide you with the specification and costs for this.

You ned to compare the following criteria for the three ISP's and then select MR Astburys!

Cost permonth/Year
Bandwith (speed of connection)
Traffic (in Gb allowed per month) and what happens if you go over the allowed limit.
Type of operating system(s) supported (no point specifying a windows server and using Linux hosting)
What services the ISP provides (PHP, ASP CGI bin etc). You will need these to run the forum.

This article provides an overview of hosting remember we only have 200Mb of content so we don't need a whole server.

conectorPart Three - How will you connect to the hosted site to maintain it?
Look at internet connection technologies and briefly explain how they work
Diallup upto 56Kb/s
ADSL (Broadband)up to 8Mb/s
Cable up to 10Mb/s
Leased Line speeds of 2Mb/s to 10 Gb/s possble
Satellite here is some info


What to write
1. look at at least three different suppliers and try an get at least one example for each type of connection.
2. In your report mention good and bad features of each type of connection

Cover these points
Speed will be quoted in MB/s or maybe KB/s. Thats Millions of bits per second and thousand of bits per second, respectively.

Cost. That is cost per month or year but include set up costs as these can be huge for some types of connection.

limits on use is there a limit on how much data you can shift per week or per month?

Equipment required to use it. Can you just plug in and go or do you need special gizmo's and gadgets.

This article explains some of the good and bad features about the different types of connection.
This article puts it all in a table with a hideous background, good info though.

What you will produce for the whole Assignment
I need a report from you that describes each of the three parts above.
Reports that are clear, provide correct information are well structured and written in good english will score highly.