What you need to do
Write a report into how you, your family and large organisations use ict in their daily lives thenc omment on people in this country and in other countries, who can’t or won’t use these types of communication. Then talk about the reasons why they can’t or won’t. Finally what effects does the lack of using these technologies have on these people?

(7 marks available)

Audio resources
if you don't like reading go to the podcast page look under unit 3. Or if you have itunes or an iphone put "harrogate grammar school" in to itunes

Technologies and areas you should cover;

You, friends and family
Mobile phone/ Mobile devices - text - mms video calling, calendar sync, mobile apps, google maps
Internet - Shopping, email, Social networks, Information research (wikipedia, google etc) Banking, bills credit cards, Instant messaging, VOIP, gaming. calendar sharing, twitter, podcasting. Multiplayer gaming, Second Life.
TV Radio and News - Satellite and Digital TV DAB radio internet radio podcasts Iplayer , Interactivity through red button.


Advertising, pop up ads, search engine click through, viral emails and you tube videos.,
Billing, invoices, Payroll. All of these three can now be subcontracted via the internet.
email, Blackberry, Video conferencing, the rise of homeworking via Virtual private Networks (VPN's).
Large databases
, health service database, DVLA Electoral Role, passports Customer profiling (loyalty cards and targeted marketing). Government and business difficulties implementing these systems (massive projects, elctorate resistance, smarter consumers, fear of identitiy theft).
Digital Mapping and GPS used to track buses, dustcarts and delivery vans. Used to look at flood risk and model the effects of road building on traffic.

Digital divide
Personal Divide - Individual poverty prevents access.
Individual Divide - Disability or age prevents access (can't) too stubborn, scared or "too old to change"to use internet (won't)
Geographic Divide -LDC country with poor infrastructure. e.g. much of Africa
Political Divide- Governments committed to censorship or repression of activism radicalism and dissent. e.g China or Burma. Tibet

Effects of Digital divide
Education - A poorer or more difficult education only accessed from books which may be out of date.
Repression - More likley to have limited access to free media in a country that has a Political Divide.
Wealth - Less likely to have access to best price products if you can't shop online, less choice.
Health - Less likley to get information about healthy diet and living ,may not know about risk of Aids or smoking.
Isolation -Older non web savvy generation may lose touch with modern society and become isolated.