You need to produce a report evaluating your search methods and how you presented your results.

(8 marks available)

How to get the marks in an evaluation;

Briefly say what you did for the four tasks (mark band 1)
• Talk about searching online and gathering information for the spreadsheet.
• Using Large inforamtion websites (NCAP).
• Making queries and reports in access. Why did you make your reports look as they did?
• How you gathered processed (used formulas and functions) and presented (coloured, formatted, made graphs) information in excel.

Strengths and weaknesses of the methods you used for the four tasks. (mark band 2)
Don’t talk about what you did.
Talk about how effective or not what you did was.
Make sure you cover strengths and weaknesses of presenting the information and how you got hold of the information (mark band 2).
For each task give at least one improvement that you could make to what you did that would have meant you would have done it better . Better means more accurately or quicker or both (mark band 2).

Mark band 3 you need all of the above plus the following;

Include your comments on how effective your internet searching was from task 1. How did you modify how you searched as you went along so you did a better job (mark band 3)?

If you did the whole task again, what could you do to make sure you did it quicker and more accurately. This is often you saying what you can do now that you couldn’t do before. This show you learned things (mark band 3).