Produce report for a 17 year old giving recommendations on which car to buy based on your previous research. You can write your report either in Word or Powerpoint.

(6 marks available)

This report should be a summary of the information you were asked to provide from the four previous assignments.

To get into mark band three you need the following:

A report containing six types of data. These are the six data types you should use;
• Your choice of cars from task one and screenshots of your autotrader results (text created by you data type 1and type 3 data from database searches.).
• The NCAP star ratings provide screenshots of the website (text and images created by others data types 2).
• The comparison table from your spreadsheet and the graphs (data types 4 and 5 numerical data from spreadsheets and graphs and charts).
• A list of the sources you used to get the data for your spreadsheets. Provide the name of the site, the web address (URL) what information you got from there. Do this in a table (data type 6 hyperlink information to other sources).


It is important that your report is written in a logical order. The order you did the tasks was logical. Present your report in this order.

You must write a conclusion to your report saying which car is the best choice from the two cars you shortlisted. Make reference to the data in your report. Why is this car better than all the other cars a 17 year old could buy? Again refer to the data and analysis you undertook.

List the data types you use, it makes the report look amateur. Just present the data and then comment on it. If you do list datatypes it gets you marked down.

Mark band 2
To get into mark band 2 you will include four types of data in your report