Develop a spreadsheet model to show the total cost of ownership over three years for the two cars you selected in task one. You also need to include the costs of learning to drive

Include the following details

Car Costs
• Buying the cars
• Annual Servicing work on about (£150).
• Insurance (assume a full license 10,000 miles a year and accept a £300 pound access).
• Fuel cost for driving those 10,000 miles.
• Mot (assume £50).
• Road Tax (VED)
• Depreciation how much value does your car lose a year.

Learning to drive costs
• 15 Lessons
• Theory Test
• Driving Test
• Provisional License

Use the internet to find the most accurate data you can. Keep a detailed record of the websites where you get information from. The links below should help.
Use macros to automate the input, navigation and output from your spreadsheet.
Use charts to make the information easier to understand.

What you need for this assignment (9 marks)
Produce a test plan to test your spreadsheet. Use screenshots to demonstrate that your spreadsheet model passes the tests and to show its functionality.

Here is a sample test plan
To get into mark band 3 you will need macros looking up petrol prices and printing off your two cost breakdowns on a single sheet.
To get top marks you will need accurate data, an online data query getting live petrol prices and you will be using vlookups to get your road tax prices. You will also need screenshots of your spreadsheet annotated to show how the functions and formulas work.

What you need for your final report
You need the comparison of the breakdown of the costs for the two cars
You need the charts that you produced to present these costs.

Resources - these site/documents should help. online car iinsurance quotes comparison site. There are loads of others available too.
Deparmtnet of transport Emssions database CO2 emissions figures by make and model.
What car depreciation calculator work out depreciation costs for cars.
Petrol prices online online petrol costs.
This document contains Road tax (VED) costs for 2009/10