Task 2 - Large Public Websites

Most large public organisation like the BBC, national statistics, the exam boards etc have large websites that can contain huge amounts of information. Navigating around these and finding what you want can be a real pain. Most of them have an internal search facility and break information down into categories or directories to make finding what you want easier.

Use the Euro Ncap online database to find the passenger star safety ratings for the cars you have chosen in task 1.
For this assignment (6 Marks available) write the following report with screenshots
Describe the features of the website. Make sure you screenshot and explain the links, directories and internal search options of the site.
Show your searches and results for your chosen cars.
To get into mark band three you must describe the features of the websiteand successfully find the safety ratings for both cars. For one car you must do this by clicking through the links and Menus and for the other car by using the internal search box. You need to provide evidence (screenshots of doing this).
For your final report you will need the following information;
The Euro Ncap Star rating for the vehicles you chose in task 1. Save the information as well as screenshots of the website with the information you found.