What you have to submit for the final asignment

Phase 1 - Brief Negotiation
you must start by negotiating a brief based on the overiew document with myself and the ICT department you should then write a specification as a bullet pointed list of things your pubplication will contain. This must be agreed and signed off by myself.

Phase 2 - Initial design Ideas
You must produce hand drawn designs which include initial colour, layout, content and style details (at least 3) which you should show to the client. You then need to agree one idea to develop and record your conversation(s) with the client.
Your design(s) must include one piece of clipart.

Phase 3 - Final designing
You now need to develop and refine your selected design. Then make and document the development process as well as make a final specification for your publication. Your final design must include one piece of clipart.

You must also include detailed commentaries on your designs this needs to be in the form of a report you should talk about the strengths and weaknesses of your designs. You will be marked for your spelling and grammar on this.

Phase 4 - Image aquisition,editing and logo creation
You should now aquire the images you will need for your publication. You should then undertake any neccesary changes to make them suitable for your final design. You should complete your logo. You need to provide evidence of these processes in word.

Phase 5 - Development of initial proof 1st crit.
You should now realise your design and produce an initial draft for submision to the client.You should meet with the client and discuss any changes or improvemnts needed to the work. Document by annotating your 1st proof what has to be modified and why.

Phase 6 - Final proof and Client Aproval
You shold make identified changes to your work and produce a final print ready publication which you should submit in full colour.

Phase 7 - Evaluation
Submit an evaluation of the design and realisation process.

Comment on;

Compare the final publication to our detailed specification.
Successes and weaknesses of the final publication.
Problems encountered and how they were overcome.
How you might approach a similar task differently in the future.

Final Asignment Check List
Agreed initial Brief
Initial Designs and commentary on them
Record of selection of final idea
Developed final design
Record of agreement of final design
Images aquired
Evidence of image editing and logo production
Initial Proof
Record of 1st crit. and details of required changes
Final print ready proof and approval from Client
Evaluation of processes