Mark scheme for whole unit

9 marks for the portfolio work

Mark band 3 statement

you show your competence in using a variety of ICT tools by including, in your artwork, samples of at least one example of each of: simple line drawings, simple statistical charts and boxed charts suitably scaled, icons, background styles and repeated patterns, scientific and mathematical material and the use of colour, colour inversion, colour separation and balance, showing clear evidence of the use of a comprehensive range of advanced editing and manipulation tools available within the chosen graphics package, in order to explore different means of presenting the same image using ICT methods.

The remainder of the unit marks are for the final asignment

8 Marks initial ideas and developed design

Mark band 3 statement

you produce several different proposals and then justify and develop one idea in response to client feedback, together with a full discussion of the implications of the solution.

6 marks for commentary on your designs

Mark band 3 statement

You provide a critical analysis of your designs – you identify their strengths and weaknesses and use these to inform your choice of which design to implement ; your report is consistently well-structured and there are few, if any, spelling, punctuation and grammar errors.

6 marks for evidence of software you use

Mark band 3 statement

you use your initiative to develop and extend your range of ICT skills as required by the solution; you identify the range of ICT skills that you have used.

12 marks for final product, its developemnt and evidence of 1st crit and changes

Mark band 3 statement

you show development of a final product taking account of client feedback, and, in doing so, show you can be critical in selecting appropriate material for inclusion in the final product; you demonstrate individuality and imagination; you show that you can use a comprehensive range of ICT tools to produce a professional standard of artwork.

9 marks for evaluation

Mark band 3 statement

You provide a full critical analysis of your final product, identifying how well it meets the client brief; you detail an appropriate printer type, resolution and media; you include an analysis of your own performance by identifying your strengths and weaknesses, together with a reflection on how you could address these issues to be more effective in the future.