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Tom in Taps
Tom Cruise -early career
Tom started his acting career immediately after his graduation which was in the year 1980, from Glen Ridge High School in New Jersey. He auditioned for a small school play there and turned out to be very successful. This is where he actually discovered his acting talent.

He was then offered his first acting role, immediately the next year in 1981. The role was in the romantic drama Endless Love with Brooke Shields, though it was a very minor role, he at least got the engines of his car all set and ready for the long journey he had to now go through.

The developing phase of Tom's career was in fact not at all gradual, it shot up rapidly and he immediately got a significant role in his next film, an honor very few actors have enjoyed in the past. He got the opportunity to work with some of the superstars like Sean Penn in the next flick which was the film Taps, together with Timothy Hutton and George Scott as well. The movie was a moderate success in the box office.

Now, Tom was getting considerable offers for various films, due to his films being successful. In 1983 Tom starred in The Outsiders, he was one of the many teenagers cast in it and it also included some stars like Matt Dillon, Rob Lowe, and Ralph Macchio.

He soon became the teen's favorite and then went on getting more offers for the teenage type of films and roles. He appeared in a teen's comedy Losin' it with Shelly Long. In the same year his another movie Risky Business was released which is actually known to be the turning point of his career, ever since this movie he shot up to the pinnacle of his career and has still wonderfully maintained this position. There was yet another film in the same year 1983, which was "All the Right Moves" it was based on the high school football drama.

His next film was released in the year 1985, directed by Ridley Scott. It was a fantasy film and because of this movie he was selected by the biggest producers of those times Don Simpson and jerry Bruckheimer for their next venture. It was quite a challenge, because the film was based on an American fighter pilot, which was to be played by Tom