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kellyWhere is Kelly Now?

If Tom Cruises' career truly took reached for the sky after Top Gun Kelly's was more pedestrian. She took on two less bankable but rather more worhtwhle roles imediately after Top Gun. she stared opposite Harison Ford in the great if a little bizzare Witness (1988) which was a dective whoodunit/lovestory set in a an Amish community. Memorable, but mainly for the scene where they build a barn in a day.

Next up was The Accused (1998) in which she plays an attorney trying to help out Jodie fosters character after an assault (1998). Foster got the oscar and most of the plaudits.

After these two box office and critical hits it looks like the top roles deserted her. She made loads of films through the 1990s which either sank without a trace or made little impact. She did provide some of the voices for the Buzz Lightyear cartoon, you see how desperate we are getting here.

On a personal note she has had a couple of children, owns a restaurant in Key West, Florida and more recently got rave reviews for her onstage portrayal of Mrs Robinson in the Graduate. It would probably be fair to say, that at least in the public eye her star burned brightest in the 1980's and she is no longer up here with the very best.