Just links to site I like and all of some educational merit.

Jackson Pollack - paint like Jack the Dripper

Sporcle a rather wonderful quiz site

Mr picassohead an online tool to help you paint like picasso.

Universcale a site about how big things are, really cool.

Seven ages of rock a BBC site showing the evolution of rock and roll.

Interesting quotes fun thinks people said.

Undersea phtography some beautiful scuba diving photography.

Google history how the worlds most popular search engine grew over the last 10 years.

Remix make an on line collage kind of fun.

Off the map people who built crazy things in their back gardens. Is it art?

Black holes the people behind the hubble space telescope tell you about black holes (needs headphones).

Neon Bible A music video by the band Arcade Fire that you can interact with,brilliant. Needs headphones.

National geographic site about the natural world.

Make a Flake Make online snow flakes. Daft but fun

Vector park - they are not games, what are they?

quizicon surprisingly good quiz site

Zen Garden this is about how websites look. Click the links on the right otherwise it makes no sense

Doctor who trailer maker - Make a trailer for Doctor Who.

Free rice - Answer questions to actually help feed other people.

Google drive -Drive a mini car round a google map

What was in the news in 2005? -As it says a quiz about the news.

Spice girls quiz -Do you now your zig from your zig aaahh?

Planet Earth quiz - What do you know about the planet you live on?

How good at using english are you? -Another online quiz testing your English.

Computer history quiz -Very nerdy this but does what it says.

The male or female brain quiz -Do you have a boys or a girls brain?

Dr who quiz. -What do you know about the nations favourite time lord?

Iq test -See how intelligent you are.

Learning style test -Find the way you find it easiest to learn.

Phobia quiz -What are you scared of?

Urban myth quiz -Did these things really happen?