SWOT analysis

here is a blank swot template

here is an example of a swot analysis

SWOT stands for Strengths Weaknesses Opurtunities Threats it is what' called a strategic planning tool. Its about taking a step back from the project every so often and saying "Is it all going to plan or is it going belly up". More to the point projects seldom go completly wrong nor are they often a complete success SWOT analysis makes you look at all parts of a job and give values to what is happening. You can then try and improve what happens next.

When to SWOT

If you spend all your time working out how well you are doing nothing ever gets done. I think 1/2 an hour once a fortnight is about right for a school project. When I was Project Managing we did it once a week for two hours but I was working on these jobs 40 hours a week.

How to swot

You start by filling in the for boxes of the SWOT table as shown in the picture below. Write as much as you can in each box focus on what is happening now. Then below the table write these four Questions and write down what you will do next to drive the project forward.

What can be done to maximize Strengths?
What can be done to fix the weaknesses?
How can I make sure all the Opportunities are realised?
How can I make sure the threats do not effect the project?



To get merit or better you need to talk about how the factors you have identified effect each other as part of your swot analysis.