Planning and Controlling a project
you need two tools to control a project you need a time or implementation plan and you need an overview of what's happening I am going to get you to do SWOT analysis for you overview.

here is the brief for the project you will be working on .

What you need to do for this task - I am looking for four things


Produce a task list in word of what you plan to do for your project. then put the tasks into the order you think you will do them in.

evidence that you produced and used an implementation plan

Implementation plan notes
Your plan needs to include all the tasks and sub tasks you think you need to complete the brief.

You need start and finish times for tasks.

You need to have a timescale for your activities.


Evidence that you undertook and updated a swot analysis through the life of the project.


An essay on the factors that can constrin a project some notes here.