Task 1 - Explain the phases in a project giving at least one example of each of the subtasks in each phase, refer to the case studies below for examples.
use this glossary of project management terms to help you.

Case Studies
Projects that went well

Making finding nemo

This video is about the film studio Pixar and how they made the cgi film finding nemo

it has good sections on;

Setting objectives
Analysing the problem using research
The way pixar break down the whole task into manageable chunks
Producing possible solutions
The use of prototyping
Product launch


How nasa feel aboput project management

This video shows some people from nasa talking about how they run projects now but also about what they call "lessons learned". This is the idea that you improve your next job. by making changes based on what happened last time. The Japaneese call this idea Kaizen or "continuous improvement". Use these ideas when you are writing your evaluation phase.

There is also a section on feasability studies when they are looking at air bags.

They als talk about risk management but this is really just good planning to make sure you think what could go wrong.

One that went a bit wrong
Mr Prince versus the iron horse

Two that went badly wrong
nasa loses a space probe
the passport office get it wrong