Your Mission

I have a website Great manhole covers of the world it was a ridiculous idea my dad had he started aking photos of manhole covers and I put them on the web. Its grown out of control in the last 3 years there are a few hundred pics on there now from all over the world.


The site is not getting as many "hits" as I would like and it doesn't list top on google. I want you to generate traffic to the site and also get it listing number one for manholes on google. Oh and I want you to sell as many t-shirts as you can to promote the site and raise money for the schools charity. Oh and there is a prize for the winner

What you need to do

Generate traffic to a refer page I will give you this is a page that links on to my manhole page. I can monitor how many people click thorough your page and you get one point for each.

You can get people to link to my manhole covers page this will improve the sites ranking in google. For every link you can generate and proove I will give you 50 points.

Design and sell t-shirts. You have a blank t-shirts setup on a site called spreadshirt for every t-shirt you sell I will give you 250 points

These are the refer pages you will be allocated one
This is the spreadshirt shop where people can buy your t -shirts


This is a design and marketing exercise as much as a project management exercise.

Ideas for click through

Click the link yourself it will work but its boring and it will take ages.

Tell your firends to do it. Send out mail shots or flyers or get onto facebook/or my space and get your virtual friends to do it.

Text people the link could be expensive depends on your call plan

Get on the radio or television and use the media they are good at reaching wide audiences.

How to get links

Again tell your firends get them to post links on my facebook or myspace to your page. Get people with websitres to add a link

How to sell t-shirts

Having a good design is going to be important, people are not going to pay money for something rubbish and try and make the t-shirt cool or ironic or desirable.

have a look at howies and teepay for t-shirts people will pay loads of money for because they think they are cool

And finally any method of getting any of the above done that stays within the law is acceptable.


It is perfectly legitimate to use other people to do your design or help promote your refer page you must not though use anyone else in your lesson.

If you try and stop your fellow students winning you are instantly disqualified you must try and win not make them lose.

The project will be live for 6 weeks. You may only work on deliverables during this time

I will provide a weekly feedback of hits, links and sales so you can see how things change.

I will guarantee to upload t-shirt designs within one week of receiving them so don't wait until week five to send them to me.