The Laws of Graphic Design 2007

1. Graphic design and desktop publishing work shall be easy to read and understand, people get bored quickly.
2. Work shall be suitable for the audience it is designed for.
3. Work shall be pleasing to the eye if you are going to bother making it.
4. Style is personal, not everyone will like your work, please yourself or your client(s) everyone else can whistle.
5. Good graphic design takes a long time and simple mistakes are easy to spot, it takes much longer to put them all right.
6. Less is more, do not clutter work up with unnecessary stuff.
7. Almost all work can be made well with three different fonts and three different font sizes.
8. Use colours that work together, if you can’t tell use an online colour matching site.
9. Badly pixellated images are worse than no images. If you are going to use them they should look good.
10. Sometimes even a mighty Graphic Design Law needs to be broken or maybe bent a bit. Just make sure you know why you are breaking it. If we come calling we will want to know.