This is a fairly
recent photo

You remind me of him

Whats all this then ?

Maybe its just me but I seem to have spent most of my adult life being told I remind people of someone famous. In fact at one stage I was going to buy a t-shirt with "no I just look like him a bit in this light", written on it.
More recently probably with the passing of years I am told "you just are like them, but you don't look like them". Whatever that means.
Please, I need help. Vote and help me back up my argument and don't just vote for the muppet. Above is one of the few half decent photos of me in existance. 

People who I have been likened or compared to

Richard Hammond

David Tennant


Andy O'Brien

Ant or is it Dec
(Media Tart)

Alfie Boe


Sir Paul McCartney

Jose Mourinho

Rodney Bewes
(Likely Lad)