manholesGreat Manhole Covers of the World

A site celebrating the Iron founders art. We bring you the best drainage covers planet earth has to offer. Thanks to all our contributors.

The manholes

Gallery four 2009
Gallery three late 2008
Gallery two early 2008

Gallery one 2004 -2007

How it all began

The quest for the perfect manhole started as a bit of a joke. My father was taking pictures of them. I said I would put them on the web.

The search has been carried forward by amognst a true devotee the "vegan". He has been cruising around the world ministering to rich Americans when not ministering to the sick in war zones. Any leave that has come his way he has used to take some of the images you see here.

Its worth looking at how different cultures interpret something as simple as a cover for your drains. Some are really simple, some much more elaborate. As you dismiss this site as massively unimportant, try not to look at your feet next time you are out some where a little bit different.