An page devoted entirely to Dave's favourite shops.

Based on the deeply held belief that we all have at least one shop that if push came to shove, we would take up arms to defend.

Shops included here are alll "best in breed" there is no rating. Where possible images link to the shop's website.

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RF potts

It is kind of difficult explain the strange wonder that is RF Potts without paying a visit. Simply if it plugs in or runs on Batteries and you haven't got one, or the one you have needs a bit Potts is the spot.

You want a single LED or an element for the electric fire you have had since the late 50's Potts will have one. Occasionally they may have to "go upstairs" to get one.

So why is Potts my favourite, favourite aside from the fact they almost always have the bits and the huge knowledge base that the oily gnomes of Maplin aren't even aware they lack?

However esoteric the request, their prices are scarily reasonable for a shop that has five staff on a Saturday. They buy in bankrupt stock so the window has an ever changing smorgasbord of possibility, I got an IBM thinkpad off them for £80 that 5 years on refuses to die. Finally they seem to love what they do

If you do visit go early. You will very often find a queue outside the door and whilst they deal with customers on a pretty rapid turn around some people bring in a list of requests as long as your arm and appear to plan their whole weekend around a visit. I know I do.

This link
will tell you more about Potts and Derby Stuff in general.

66-68 Babington Lane, Derby, Derbyshire DE1 1SX

Tel: 01332343469
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An online favourite but for a few reasons. Second hand Hi Fi is a good buy. It lasts for ages, is often well made and people sell it because they don't like the colour anymore. Green Home sell stuff with a warranty at cheaper than ebay prices, the products are accurately described and you get a personal service that is lightning fast. For the same price as mass produced rubbish new, you get something that sounds really rather nice. Whats not to like?

6 Garth Business Estate,
RG42 2EX
Tel 01344 300661

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Premier Cru

A wine shop that gives free samples, Surely to good to be true? Indeed it is. However It is kind of difficult to go to Premier Cru though, without behind plied with a glass of something they have just got in. They also run rather splendid tasting evenings for their regulars (I thought only pubs had regulars) and they sell a cracking range of wine.

Again Premier Cru make the list for the specialist knowledge of the Staff and because Mrs Prince has a family friend, Maureen who has been working there and is a great expert on wine. She has a rare gift in that she can make uncultured idiots like myself know why we like, what we like.

142 Otley Road,
Leeds LS20 8LZ
Tel 01943 877004

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Elite meat

Gordon Atkinson the proprietor of Elite Meat makes a wonderful pork, leek and chive sausages and the pork pies also rock.

Totally organic and made from locally reared rare breeds often on their own farm. Elite Meat don't need my endorsement but get it anyway. I knew I was on to a winner when at 7.30 on a freezing Christmas Eve I was queuing outside the door to wait my turn.

Gordan is a lovely man who appears to love what he does and the shop interior looks more like a bar or bistro than a butchers. They are also the only shop I know with a trophy cabinet.

As ever with fvourite shops if you ask for advice you get it. Nothing is to much trouble, you get a bit of fat with a roast to keep it moist in the oven and the cornish pasties are as good as everything else.

If you are in the neighborhood go. recent developments include a widescreen TV showing pictures of cows.

53 High Street
North Yorkshire
01423 883194

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Spa Cycles

A truly great cycle shop offering personal services at internet prices. Propably as most of their business is done this way. If it goes on a bike and you want one they will have It.

They seem to have endless different staff and they are all good. They are known to haggle and they are all bike nuts.

They have got all sorts of interesting bits I have never seen before and are a mine of information about cycling in and around Harrogate.

1 Wedderburn Road, Harrogate,HG2 7QH Tel:01423 887003