Server side scripting
For this task you must design and implement a simple interactive script for your website. If you have a feedback form on your site you already have the neccesary featur as Freedback uses PHP to work.

 Design/ Implementation you need the following evidence;

1.You need to make a design of how your form will work you need to show how the question will look and what sort of questions they will as well as what the answers to the questions will be.
This document shows a sample design.
2.You need to show the copyright permisions that allows you to use the form code on the Freedback site.

3 you need to show the code that was generated by freedback when you programmed your form.

4. You need to show that you have tested your form by screen shotting the email freedback send you when someone completes the form and the results you can view on Freedbacks website.'


For a merit or a distinction you need to add two additional scripts to your webpage.

One could be a RSS feed that is aggregated by a "feedrolling server like feedsweep".

The other should be a Picasa web integrator gallery this uses a picasa web album to display pictures in you site

Again you must show the code explain how it works and highlight any modifications you have made to it.