Meta tags for yoursiet to make it visible to search engines/directories and social networks.

You Need to  do two things for this Ao


Develop a list of keywords and a description for your site that a search engine could use to index your page.

Justify your keyword choices

Here is an example of some keywords I used on a friend of mines website.


Show evidence of making as many as possible of the following changes to at least five of your web pages.

You don't actually need to submit to DMOZ and google just say you would also for all of the following explain how the features would benefit your site in terms of traffic

1. Make sure you have used appropriate Keywords, Description and titles in your pages.

2. Make sure your keywords and phrases appear in the text of your web pages.

3. Make sure each page of your site has at least 450 words on it.

4. Use the

Heading style H1

and again make sure your heading s use the keywords you chose

5. Get as many external links (backlinks) to your site.

6. Submit your site to Google for indexing.

7. Submit your site to DMOZ for indexing.

8. Try and get people to visit your site by linking to it on social networks (facebook, twitter).

Mark Criteria What should be in a finished folder